Ginsen Shiraore

Nichinanmidori Ginsen Shiraore

The ingredients are selected stems by high class green tea of our company.
The name “Shiraore” comes from its whitish color.
Stems contained its main deliciousness.
“Ginsen Shiraore” is contained the stems of “Toro Ginsen” and “Maro Ginsen”.
It has deep roasted aroma, but also the freshness by Igeta’s roasting technique.
The umami of stems are melted when you pour the water over it.

【Made in Kagoshima and Miyazaki】

Manufacturer:Igeta tea Kitago tea farm Ltd.
Net weight:100g
Product dimensions:230×120×20mm
Best before:1 year
Production site:Miyazaki prefecture
Raw material origin:Miyazaki prefecture・Kagoshima prefecture