Miyazaki Okumidori

Miyazaki Okumidori

“Miyazaki Okumidri” is made from unprocessed tea “Okumidori” that is kneaded carefully and steamed by excellent technics so that they are regular in shape. We try to bring the best out in the plain tea leaves’ flavor.

Tea masters find out the season of tea leaves from among the number of plain teas, and carefully select the appropriate unprocessed teas in “Miyazaki Okumidori”, and then bring the best out the potential of the leaves by the ability that they have build up.

“Miyazaki Okumidori” has become very popular products that has deep and healing flavors that are brought out by Igeta’s tea masters.

This is the finest one that is created by the collective technics and sense of tea masters.

※Although Miyazaki prefecture is a relatively unknown place as tea producing area, the tea variety “Okumidori” is produced in Miyazaki. We add “Miyazaki” because we would like many people to know the fact.

Records of award

Platinum Award at Nihoncha award 2014

Platinum Award at Nihoncha award 2015

Platinum Award at Nihoncha award 2016

Platinum Award and one of the best guild Award at Nihoncha award 2017

The jury Award at Nihoncha Award 2018

The special Award at C’est Bon Le Japon Japanese Tea Selection Paris

First prize at Japanese tea selection Paris

Manufacturer:Igeta tea Kitago tea farm Ltd.
Net weight:50g
Product dimensions:230×120×20mm
Best before:1 year
Production site:Miyazaki prefecture
Raw material origin:Miyazaki prefecture