How to make a perfect cup of “roasted tea”.

Don’t you think that it’s difficult to brew a good cup of tea?
There are some tips such as “amount of tea leaves”, “amount of hot water” and “temperature of hot water”.

Different teas have different tips, we introduce how to make a good cup of green tea here.
Please enjoy the tea after you get the hang of it!

How to make a good cup of “roasted tea” (for two)

Roasted tea is made with tea leaves roasted teas over high heat.
It has fresh, roast and less astringent aroma so that it goes well with oily foods.
Also it is good for your relax time before bed because it has low caffein.

1, Putting tea leaves

First, put tea leaves in a teapot.
You usually use 3g of tea leaves for one person, 6g for two cups.
Lightly 1 tea spoon is 1g.

Roasted tea leaves are really pumped up, so that you better to prepare bigger teapot than usual.

2, Pour hot water

Pour boiling water into a teacup. The amount of water is about 130ml for one person.

You should use really hot water for bringing the roasted aroma out of tea leaves.
Enjoy the flavor spread when you pour the water into the teapot.

3, Pouring tea

You should wait 30sec to open the tea leaves.

It is important that you pour the tea little by little and evenly into some cups in order to serve equally strong.

It is called “mawashi sosogi” (pouring evenly and drawing a spiral pattern with your teapot).
It is the case you have two cups. You pour the tea into 1→2 little by little, and then reverse the process (2→1). Repeat the process and you can make your teas same strong.

You do not pour it all at once.
It is easy to serve equally when you pour it little by little into 3~4 times.
It is important that pour out the tea until the last drop for your second extraction.

Anybody can make it nice flavor just by finding tips of pouring.

You need really hot water to make nice roasted tea.
In the case you make several cups, you do not forget to pour the tea little by little and evenly into cups in order to serve equally strong.

You can make your own favorite tea just by understanding the basics.
You can enjoy the tea depending on your feelings.
For example, “I want to enjoy the flavor”, “I want to drink bitter tea today…” and so on.