How to make a tasty “cold-brew green tea”


Cold-brew green tea can be made by anyone using cold water. Its fresh light blue color and pleasant taste go well with hot days.

You can drink your favorite cold green tea when you are away from home just by using your own bottle.

We introduce how to make a delicious cold-brew green tea here.
We would like you who usually make a tea with hot water to enjoy the flavor with cold water.

How to make a good “cold-brew green tea”

The cold-brew tea is made with cold water. It does not mean you cool it down after make a usual tea with hot water.

You can make cold-brew tea with any tea leaves but use green tea at this time.

Please prepare your teapot (for cold water), tea leaves and cold water.

1, Put tea leaves into your teapot

You need about 10~15g (5~8 teaspoons) of tea leaves for 1L.

The bottle with tea leaf filter is useful but you can use a tea pack if you do not have one.

2, Pour cold water and keep it cold.

Pour cold water below 15℃ into the bottle, and put it in the refrigerator for 3~6 hours and wait.

You can drink it the next morning after staying at one night in the fridge.

If you use deep-steam green tea for your cold brew green tea, the flavor will deep full of umami and sweetness.

Also, in the case you use light-steam green tea, it becomes fresh and light. Finding your favorite taste is part of the fun.

You should how it goes and adjust the strength when you use other kind of tea leaves for the cold brew because each tea leaf has each extraction time.

How many days will it keep

The completed tea should be kept in refrigerator and finished within a day.

You better to filter out the tea leaves or remove the tea pack in order to keep it fresh.
It becomes stale and more bitter as time goes by.

Cold-brew tea is not sterilized with hot water. Therefore, you should make your tea with mineral water, not tap water, and clean bottles. Be careful especially in summer.

Tips of making “cold-brew green tea”

The water is the key too.
The water of low hardness, “soft water” is recommended.

Most of the water in Japan is soft, that is why it is suitable for the tea.

In the case of using tap water or filtered water, you should boil it for 2~3mins.
It is for preventing the chlorine smell. Also it is good to use water kept overnight (for 4~5hours).

Cold-brew green tea is good for summer because of the cool appearance and the easiness.

With cold water, it can be suppressed bitterness and astringency and you can feel more umami.

It is not only tasty but also there are many advantages such as making your skin beautiful, improving your immunity and so on.

The basic of making cold-brew tea is the same even if the kinds of tea leaves are different.
We recommend you to make cold-brew tea with various kinds of tea and find your favorite one.