Advanced Kamairicha


Miyazaki and Kumamoto prefecture are the largest producer of Kamairicha in Japan.
Also, it is difficult to get Kamairicha except where it’s grown as the volume of the real Kamairicha is not many.
Its flavor is fresh and little bitterness by the ancient method that has been followed through.
The strongest point of this tea is unique roasted flavor and its clear golden color.
“Advanced Kamairicha” is selected from the first picking of tea the year that is grown at high elevation in Takachiho.
Tea masters roast them up carefully for refining the aroma.
You can enjoy it easily with a meal and a snack.

Manufacturer:Igeta tea Kitago tea farm Ltd.
Net weight:100g
Product dimensions:230×110×20mm
Best before:1 year
Production site:Miyazaki prefecture
Raw material origin:Miyazaki prefecture