Sanyacha roasted green tea


Sanyacha Hoji

When we were children, mothers made plenty of teas by decocting so that we can drink them anytime.
The cup of tea had roasted, mellow sweetness and freshness, and it was delicious whatever it was hot or ice.
We have replicated mother’s tea that is based on our memory.
“Sanyacha Hoji” is based on fragrant kettle roasted tea, and also blended adlay, senna leaves, loquat leaves, persimmon leaves, houttuynia and Miyazaki’s dried mushrooms.
The dried mushrooms make the tea mild.
The flavor reminds you of the old days and make you feel warm.
※The taste would be even better by decoction.

Manufacturer:Igeta tea Kitago tea farm Ltd.
Net weight:300g
Product dimensions:320×100×40mm
Best before:1 year
Production site:Miyazaki prefecture
Raw material origin:Miyazaki prefecture