Toro Ginsen 30g

Toro Ginsen

It has a real tea flavor of Kyushu.
Tea masters select the best of each variety of the year, and blend them. In most years, there are “Asatsuyu”, “Yabukita”, “Yutaka Midori”, “Sae Midori” and “Oku Midori” but we decide to choose other variety and the blending ratio as the crop situation.
It has rich umami, expensive flavor and freshness.
It might make you become quiet and take your breath away.

【Made in Miyazaki】

This is the best size of trial “Toro Ginsen”

Manufacturer:Igeta tea Kitago tea farm Ltd.
Net weight:30g
Product dimensions:130×130×20mm
Best before:6 months
Production site:Miyazaki prefecture
Raw material origin:Miyazaki prefecture